BIG Event Production: Your Career Maker or Breaker?

The decision’s been made—like it or not, you are in charge of producing this year’s BIG event. So, maybe you’re asking yourself, “I’m good, but do I have all the experience I need?” Learn how to pull it all off without making career threatening mistakes—first of a 15-part White Paper series on BIG creative events production. Click “Contact” to request the FREE complete version.

From the gladiatorial contests and mock sea battles of the Roman Coliseum, to the modern international spectacle of the Olympic Games, BIG creative events production continue to capture the imagination. We thrill at the opportunity to amass and participate in something larger than ourselves, whether witnessing and celebrating the greatest talent and most inspired achievements, or reaffirming the identity, value and power of our creative marketing community in which we are gathered.

But, when it comes to BIG marketing event production, let’s be honest here, what we don’t know can hurt us. Because in this age of social media mania, responsive design and online media marketing ... all produced safely behind closed doors, why in God’s name would we want to risk our necks to stage an event? For many reasons, and one of the biggest is … they work!  But, pay attention to this, the larger the creative event, usually the larger the ego of the executive initiating the directive—tread carefully. And, if you have a pulse and even if you are an events professional you’re surely asking yourself, “Do I have all the experience I need?”

BIG event production has hidden big booby-traps everywhere. Still, they are exhilarating, effective and can be a lot of fun to produce when you’re in charge. Over the next several weeks, we’ll steer you clear of the landmines and quicksand of producing large scale creative events on your own and offer tons of b2b marketing and creative development angles you may have not considered. Call it experience—call it advice from veterans of foreign wars, but, it could save your butt. And, of course, we’ll subtly imply when and where a little outside assistance may indeed save the day.

Fortunately, for most corporate creative event marketing budgets, Coliseum and Olympic-sized events are not required to make a BIG impact. Yet, regardless of the scale, every BIG event production requires a BIG idea, a big plan of attack, and big ROI. Producing a successful large-scale event can be a powerful way to gather your tribes, reassert the story of your business organization, recognize your highest achievers, celebrate your brand essence, motivate your people, and much, much more.

But, even for experienced meeting and events specialists, producing a well-planned big creative event can be an utterly devouring experience. And, like it or not, the bigger the event, the bigger the stakes—for the organizations and the careers of those producing it.

articulate Creative Communications has helped companies stage hundreds of b2b marketing events, big and small. I hope that the ideas and examples presented over the next several weeks will help make your next BIG event a major success, for your company and your career as an event marketing professional. See you on the ice.

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By Mitch on 2015 02 07