Why should I care about this blog?

Because here you'll find all sorts of chewy profressional essays on how to do all sorts of marketing stuff better ... and some delibertly obtuse media critiques, rants and raves just for fun.  Now ... it's time to salute the flag--and why not. Enjoy our blog. 

( ärtićulãte ) is a creative communications agency—Big Idea people who also conveniently know how to deliver the goods that deliver the story. (videos, events, websites, content development, the kitchen sink). We’re also strong in aligning messaging and amplifying brand essence. We help clients discover what makes them truly great (their ‘greatness’), refine their story, aggregate all the parts—and then shout it to the world. 

Next ... ( ärtićulãte ) works with executives and staff—the message champions—to expertly position their story and support it with bright, tight visuals. Then we coach them (in discrete settings, with coffee or stronger) to become more clear, confident and compelling in their delivery.

Finally ... ( ärtićulãte ) does events. (God! we’ve done a lot of events) Top to bottom—inside and out. Creative Development, Deliverables, Logistics and Execution.

We see creative ideas like limitless flavors of ice cream and believe there’s nothing to be gained from “strong vanilla.” That’s our philosophy in a nutshell (or sugar cone, if you prefer). The only ideas worth developing are those that stand out from the competition.

As for this blog, we have no hard ‘n fast rules about the posts that’ll appear in this space. They’ll run the gamut—barely coherent rants about what’s wrong in marketing and advertising or the world at large  … praise for companies that are masters of their brand universe or thoughtful analyses of media that intrigue, amuse or provoke us … and (clearing our throats and straightening our neckties now) “helpful tips and strategies for successful creative marketing, presentation development and event production.”

Feel free to share your responses. See you on the ice!

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