3d Animation and Branding Speaks Customers Language


See how this product launch used 3d animation branding design into their online videos--translated into multiple languages at minimal additional cost.

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications produced this online video that used 3d animation design environment to prove product superiority. It was used as a marketing asset, but delivered a strong branding message as well. This particular online video was translated into 7 languages and served as their international product launch sales outreach and selling skills training tool. Sterling’s brand marketing was especially critical as the digital design and art direction throughout this campaign of 3 years always reflected a consistent, clean Sterling look and feel throughout its design. Accomplishing the 7 language translation without significant post production cost was due to expert content development planning well in advance.


Translated into 7 languages at product launch, this online video series was highly successful as both a branding vehicle and sales engagement tool. These superb cross functional interactive marketing tools helped lead the sales that led Sterling Software’s industry success. In addition, these award winning videos were highly respected in the digital design community.