3d Animation Doesn’t Have to Drill Deep into Budgets


3d animation combined with more traditional corporate imagery and creative development can create dynamic brand marketing assets for a fraction of the cost.  

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications agency regularly produces online videos using 3d animation for high technology companies—and often produced at a more competitive price point. This 3d animation anchored Baker’s creative direction for a multi-purpose brand marketing asset. Originally produced for a trade show, the 3d animation was later repurposed and appended to other company images and received afterlife as a branding video at Baker Hughes Corporate Headquarters in Houston. The concept was meant to call attention to what was at that time Baker’s seven brands brought together globally and stylistically as a single company. 


The branding video welcomed guests and customers visiting the Baker Hughes corporate offices with something that made simple visual sense with no words needed. The video also was repurposed around the world as at trade events as an audience attract video loop.