3D Animation Makes Complex Marketing Messages Simple


When faced with communicating complex marketing messages, see how this 3d animation product launch combined with a simple story sell a story better. 

Elements Delivered

articulate produced over twenty 3d animations and online videos for Sterling Software. Part of a series meant to help explain the intricate benefits of Sterling’s software in a way that no PowerPoint presentation could. All of Sterling’s products were technologically complex—rich business automation and back-end transaction banking applications not easily explainable to a customer who was not a computer genius. This particular online video used 3d animation to illustrate the benefits of Sterling’s enterprise level e-invoicing in a way that wasn't technically overwhelming to the viewer. Sterling’s message was to Simplify the Complex and this online video series accomplished that without ever losing their marketing communications story and related benefits message. 


This online video campaign stretched over a 3-year period and helped Sterling not only sell massive amounts of product to customer’s in a more efficient manner, these online videos also did double duty as sales training videos for their internal sales department—simplifying the intricate details of their product for more successful customer engagement.