Accelerating Sales with 3d Animation and Online Videos


See how the challenge of overcoming internet congestion is translated as a virtual traffic jam via this 3d animation and creative online video. 

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications agency produced this colorful 3d animation for Sterling Software’s virtual product launch and File Accelerator solution. The 3d animation was output as an online video and streamed to customers. It demonstrated the benefits of their highly technical software in a non-technical manner. Another installment in Sterling’s virtual product launch series, this online video was designed to help customers better understand the intricate technical benefits of their software in an easy to digest way. This particular online video used colorful digital cars moving along the highway and passing toll booths to illustrate how Sterling accelerated data moving over the internet by means of their enterprise software solutions. 


Simply the Complex was Sterling’s slogan. This 3d animation and creative online video delivered on that objective—and was simply understandable.