b2b Marketing: Convince Customers with 3D Animation


How do you simplify the complexities of complex business applications? Answer—produce 3d animations as online video marketing assets to sell the story better than any PowerPoint presentation ever could.

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications produced this 3d animation and online video as part of an on-going series of creative marketing assets for Sterling Software product launches. The series helped customers better understand the intricate technical benefits of their software without being technically overwhelmed. This particulate edition outlined the Sterling suite of software solutions meant to automate and centralize complex business administration operations virtually. The little 3d animated “pod people” were thematically reused throughout the series of online videos to create an even simpler way of showing how the human element interacted with the software.


This award-winning series of 3d animations maintained a consistent Sterling Software branding look and feel. Besides acting as product launch videos, they also doubled as training videos for their sales and marketing departments.