Brand Launch Leverages Online Videos and Trade Shows


Watch how an online video and brand launch humanized builders’ problems and launched Procore into the construction market--doubling value at trade shows.

Elements Delivered

articulate creative communications developed an online video as the foundation for Procore’s creative brand launch strategy. It portrayed an average “Joe” home builder. Another similar online video was produced to aim at a higher-leveled audience by appealing to construction site supervisors.  Both of online videos however, like Procore itself, appealed to "guys with mud on their boots" and worked double duty as an engaging trade show presentation. The characters portrayed in this online video made live appearances at numerous national trade shows—as themselves. The same talent cleverly “brought the characters and the product to life” as they appeared to pop right out of the screen—both online and at the trade show marketing event. articulate combined this multi-purpose online video production / event marketing strategy with their comprehensive brand development campaign included Procore’s logo design, website development, marketing content generation, advertising and sales collateral. 


The refreshing, clean “look and feel” to both their marketing message and design launched Procore with great success.  The creative communications objectives of this brand launch were met and exceeded year one by raising brand awareness, investor interest and increased customer acquisition for its user base.