Brand Launch Wins with Romantic Website Design


Learn how a romantic brand marketing launch for a luxury villa rental company succeeded with a website design aligned to tastes of experienced travelers. 

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications produced this brand launch campaign for Romantic Luxury Villas. The project included a beautiful website design; perfect for carrying over into social media campaigns. Produced in collaboration with 4ONEdesign in Atlanta, this website design was only part of the brand launch development story. The complete scope of work included the logo design—a feather communicated both simple luxury and soft landings for travelers. The villa rental market is highly fragmented. Vacationers often search for weeks online for just the right villa. The content development and photography on this website design were artfully combined for user experience that made the customer feel like, “Ahh … I have finally arrived someone that knows what I like.” 


The results of this website exceeded expectations as the company tripled anticipated projected rental sales in the first 90 days, due in part to this innovative and romantic brand launch website design. The content generation and copy writing were as luscious as the villas themselves and proved once again, that looks indeed still sells in the world of web design.