Brand Marketing with Online Video: An Army of Benefits


See how this online video used 3d animation to create a brand marketing asset that clarified customer benefits for a high tech software product launch. 

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications created this online video which Secure Computing repurposed to great effect across a slew of brand marketing venues. This creative development concept used 3d animation to render a colorful "army" of data droids meant to play mainly at trade show events. The digital design and content development concept deftly communicated the challenges of doing business on the internet. This digital video was played a variety trade events, repurposed at a national sales meeting and was streamed online to customers to amortize the marketing asset’s investment.


This online video and marketing asset was highly successful for engaging customers for a variety of face to face selling events. This video was designed to live along and happy shelf lifeā€”and it did.