Branding Good Feelings with Integrated Event Marketing


Learn how an integrated event marketing and branding campaign launched at six vertical trade shows managed to make customer “happy” about … just being a customer. 

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications produced this exciting integrated event marketing campaign that spanned over an entire year. Harcourt stretched its event marketing investment by reusing a creative concept over six different national trade shows in six vertical markets. Harcourt was looking not only to launch a slew of new products at these trade shows, but also wanted to convey a “feel good” message to teachers. The "Get Connected" campaign and product launch piggybacked “feel good” branding with a product centric trade show presentations as an exciting tour that kept audiences in the exhibit longer.


Harcourt achieved a 290% increase in lead generation from previous years and increased at-show sales by 102%. The Winner TSEA Focus Award "Best Integrated Trade Show Marketing Program" it also kept the customer in the exhibit for an average of 54 minutes—which is basically unheard of.