Creative Events Create BIG BANG Branding


Enjoy Bentley’s creative events look and feel—a quirky branding concept that drew parallels between the Big Bang theory of evolution. 

Elements Delivered

articulate creative communications was the creative events company chosen by Bentley for more than 6 years. Many of Bentley's most prestigious branding campaigns, product launches and International Users Conferences evolved during this collaboration. This International Users Conference used a dramatic thematic creative concept and event video module that combined the theory of evolution with architectural design as all part of the same "BIG BANG"  theory. 


Bentley and articulate successfully collaborated as partners in all aspects of creative events marketing. During this period, Bentley grew to be the 2nd largest privately held software company in the world with revenues that expanded from $18M to over $200M. This International Users Conference was only part of a winning opening to a successful product launch kick-off.