Creative Marketing: Investor Events Analysts Actually Enjoy


Learn how Weatherford’s creative marketing events strategy and technology based presentations win the approval of analysts.

Elements Delivered

articulate creative communications has produced scores of investor relations combining a high-energy event production experience with real world technical product presentations that differentiate Weatherford from the competition. The goal is marketing aimed like a laser to the ears of an investor audience. Too often, presentations aimed at the customer level are reworked to talk to investors. At Weatherford, their creative marketing and content development strategy relies on carefully examining the benefits of a given technology as they relate to affecting shareholder value. The process isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. The executives play a key role in the success of each IR event doubling as presenters and content experts.  articulate works closely with the executive presenters and the IR department, both interactively and onsite both for content development and to clarify the company’s competitive branding position as it relates to the investment community. In addition, each executive receives one-on-one executive coaching on their speaker delivery skills. This holistic and comprehensive investor event development approach, means that the messages are always delivered flawlessly on show day under pressure ... every time. Weatherford has been a regular client with investor relations events for 5 years.Presentation development, event production, executive speaker coaching


Investor relations’ creative events for Weatherford have been routinely called out by the investment community as "incredibly valuable and enjoyable."  The successful end result of these creative events provides analysts with consistent, reliable and digestible technical content needed accurately evaluate a company on its true merits at a given point in time. In this case, Weatherford’s stock value has continued to climb upward due in part to this ongoing commitment to investor relations event communications. As an added benefit, the executives’ communication skills continue to grow stronger through this commitment to executive coaching from articulate for each and every investor event.