Event Marketing Video Shines Spotlight on Sales


See how this event marketing video entertained 1000 top sales professionals with a movie-based concept that focused the attention and spotlight on them. 

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications agency produced this event marketing video opener and related creative marketing assets for Thomson’s 1000 top sales performers at a national sales meeting. Entitled “Spotlight on Growth,” it leveraged the President of Thomson Lifelong Learning as their “film critic host.” He shared his quirky passion for classic movies to make his point. In collaboration with articulate, amusing old movie clips were used to draw parallels between the challenges of higher education sales and the plot lines of film classics. This opening event marketing video set up what NOT to do in the world of higher education sales. Other marketing assets delivered at this event included a series of video testimonials by top sales performers—again, focusing the attention on them. Giant 25 foot movie posters decorated the ball room and creatively parodied classic film genres to build anticipation to the “Premier.” 


This event marketing video won a 1st Place Telly Award for corporate film production excellence—but, more importantly achieved 92% audience approval ratings and kicked off a memorable and motivational sales event.