Executive Coaching Clarifies Marketing and Sales Results


See how highly technical marketing and sales presentations benefit from expert executive coaching for presentations and creative content development. 

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications agency supports technology-based companies that need to sell their story via face brand marketing events. In this case, a series of executive presentations were produced for an investor audience that transformed highly technical oil field language into a story understood by anyone. At this particular marketing event, Weatherford’s production optimization was the keynote topic along with 4 other technical presentations given in “round robin” events format. A flat screen video wall displayed the visual support to maximize the impact of each message and make it impossible for audiences to miss any key benefits. Working closely with Weatherford's IR department, the content generation, visual support production and even the executive coaching for speaking skills was fine tuned. The executive speaker featured here was integral to the collaborative effort that was rehearsed online weeks prior to the creative event.


Executive coaching and presentation development is at the heart of articulate Creative Communication’s core capabilities. For over 5 years, Weatherford Investor Relations Events have collaborated with articulate to create a variety of creative marketing assets. This is just one of many examples that built a more valuable and reliable understanding of Weatherford on Wall Street.