Integrated Event Marketing Gets Customers Connected


See how two companies that merged used an integrated event marketing campaign to launch their branding and designed to “connect” the right rep with the right customer. 

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications agency produced this integrated event marketing campaign designed to build support for their new brand and product launch at trade shows.  Two educational publishing leaders merged and released their combined product offerings for children with live marketing presentations at mini "pods" at NAHB. They first drew large audiences and delivered a presentation with high-end multimedia visual supporting the messages projected on a giant screen. From the large presentation area, the trade show prospects were then disseminated into discreet smaller areas, “pods,” and watched smaller, but more targeted live marketing presentations that met their specific needs. This sophisticated lead generation effort and “filtering” mechanism was not only effective for sales reps because the prospects were already very pre-qualified. Trade show presentation development, strategic messaging and positioning, brand alignment, talent, booth graphic design, onsite event execution and video production.


This integrated event marketing effort and trade show campaign yielded 3X the projected sales goal and launched their brand and products in an interactive and memorable way.