Interactive Online Video uses 3d Animation for Product Launch


See how interactive video using 3d animation can clarify a complex b2b marketing story with a sense of simplicity and elegance for a key product launch.

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications produced this interactive video and 3d animation of Sterling’s Selling and Fulfillment suite of high technology solutions in association with long-time creative partner Twisted Media. Sterling came to the table with an over lengthy 550 slide Power Point deck asking for help to create a new sales tool for their newest high tech product launch. Work began by streamlining their high tech messaging and replacing it with content development that possessed more benefits-rich creative messaging. A logical UI was designed in the margin to help prospects walk through the story via compelling interactive visuals that had an ersatz "Google Earth" look and feel. The interactive online video design concept used a 3d environment so that very complex interactions could be iconized and made much simpler. English and Japanese versions were created. This project was also used as a sales training tool. It was authored in FLASH and therefore not visible on some mobile devices or Mac (boo hoo). But, click the link here to view outside of our articulate website environment on a PC. It will be worth the trip. 


articulate worked in close partnership with Sterling Software for many years through multiple online video projects with great success until their acquisition by IBM. This particular interactive video won a Platinum Telly Award for excellence in online digital media and built their sales numbers exponentially.