Investor Relations Events: Turning Tech into Shareholder Value


Weatherford transforms very technical content into benefits presentations that showcase their unique value  proposition for investor relations events.

Elements Delivered

articulate creative communications agency collaborated with senior management at Weatherford International for the last 4 years and produce investor relations events that are a cut above their competition. The content development process begins with a strategic marketing communications approach. The events talk tech, but sell branding via expertly prepared and rehearsed executive presentations. The content development process is executed by geographically dispersed teams of executives that are often internationally based; making preparation all the more challenging. Combining in-depth online content development sessions with onsite executive coaching for speakers as the event nears completion, enables Weatherford's top subject matter experts to participate no matter where they are. Post event, the executive presentations are streamed to investors that were unable to attend and to their customers; building deeper brand awareness and competitive differentiation. Barclays, Dahlman Rose (now Cowen) and Guggenheim are just some of the prestigious analyst groups that attend these private and prestigious investor events. A collaborative, horizontal approach to creative content development has always been the key to success; as every member of the team, both from the articulate agency and client side are encouraged to contribute to the process.


Throughout one of the most challenging periods in Weatherford’s 25-year history, these investor relations events have helped stabilize and increase share prices. Moreover, they have contributed to reputation management efforts on Wall Street. In addition, these investor events met creative marketing communications objectives by providing the ongoing forum for regularly branding Weatherford's competitive value proposition. All technical investor relations presentations were no longer than 12 minutes in length and delivered in a digestible format customized for investors’ ears and interests—technical, but not too technical.