One Giant Leap: Online Video Puts Vision Center Stage


See how this visionary online video module communicated the majesty and inspiration of one of America’s finest moments as a 60 second event marketing video grabber for Baker Hughes. 

Elements Delivered

 articulate Creative Communications produced this visionary video to open a live event. It called out the parallels between Baker Hughes' visionary quest to reach the reality of Living Wells by the year 2020 and JFK's visionary speech leading to America's landing on the moon 7 years later.  The creative marketing concept used actual voice clips of NASA astronauts’ communications made from outer space to Houston Mission Control—all blended with similar communications happening in inner space within Living Oil Wells miles below the surface of the earth. This online video was first played at the launch event. Then used later to promote the increased value of oil production with Living Wells of the future—wells that can talk to one another, operate automatically and even heal themselves when problems arise. This online video was only part of the Living Wells initiative. Other examples of this event from Baker Hughes precede the description and can be on this site. 


This event marketing video successfully captured a sense of urgency for the “Living Well” Campaign.  It utilized simple photos, historic clips and sound effects combined with a dignified voiceover to achieve the desired results—and, introduce a passionate executive speaker.