Online Video Checkmates Competition for Event Marketing


See how Masstech extended the value of their event marketing budget by strategically producing online videos that double as video marketing assets. 

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications produced this online video for the Masstech Group as an event marketing asset used at the National Association of Broadcasters.  The product launch needed a sales tool to help them explain the benefits of an extremely complex technology-based broadcast platform. The creative marketing asset produced was lively and colorful—like the broadcast industry itself. The creative communications strategy conceptualized the many layers of broadcast production as a game of three dimensional chess. This simple metaphor earned advanced sales because customers could now easily visualize how the product made integrating all “levels” of their broadcast business processes easier on one integrated broadcast management platform.  WAM, (workflow asset management), revolutionized how digital media content could be shared by the entire broadcast facility without the need of a “sneaker net.” (Running media around on foot)  This online video successfully launched the product at NAB and then went further to enhance their event marketing investment by acting as an online sales engagement tool post event. 


The online media successfully launched the WAM product at NAB and built exponential sales as a byproduct of their event marketing investment.