Online Video Promo: Scaring Events Audiences to Attend


See how a targeted online video promotional campaign launched an event and boosted lead generation by promoting FEAR as the primary reason to attend.

Elements Delivered

articulate creative communications worked closely with the Uptime Institute to help promote interest, attendance and FEAR in their annual Green Energy creative event launch. This intense online video involved collaboration with top executives and articulate to produce this disturbing online video teaser promoting the Uptime Institute’s “Lean, Clean and Green’ Symposium.” The concept was to help executive management at information technology-intensive companies to better understand the negative impact their energy use had the environment and the amount of fossil fuel waste inefficient servers were creating. With mobile devices now ubiquitous in the modern world, the fossil fuels needed to power the servers that power our devices are becoming alarming. This event launch video was meant quantify the magnitude of the situation and offer a call to action: “Attend the event—learn how to clean up your act now and become a part of the solution … or wait and see what happens.” Brand alignment, digital video production, content generation, executive production.


The online video boosted attendance for their events and enabled the company clearly articulate their business story—both to themselves and to their customers. The “Lean, Clean and Green” Symposium event launch was a clear success and has continued to be a successful event staged annually.