Online Videos Promote Events, Adoption and Messaging


This fast-moving online video trailer promotes Baker Hughes dynamic creative events marketing and internal engagement campaign “The Living Well” … an ersatz "TED" talk concept which drew inspiration from the popular TV format.

Elements Delivered

articulate creative communications designed this online video trailer to promote their dynamic event marketing idea—an ersatz "TED" talk which drew its creative events inspiration from the popular TV format. This tight, fast-moving trailer was meant to build viewership of a creative event staged and filmed in front of a live audience featuring one of Baker Hughes top executives discussing their visionary approach to Payzone Management. Entitled “The Living Well: Vision 2020,” the executive visionary Brad Baker, was champion to this uniquely fresh and creative event marketing strategy. This short online video trailer is a promotional excerpt of the full length presentation available on this site and was promoted throughout the organization and to customers online.  


This online video promo successfully drew audiences and continues to help spread the word on Baker Hughes approach to Payzone Management. This creative communications strategy is the cornerstone for promoting the Living Well 2020 vision internally and to a customer-facing audience in 2014 and beyond.