Online Videos that Appeal to Government Customers


Government audiences are often hard to reach with online video marketing assets.  Right Hemisphere “Aimed Higher” to achieve exceptional lead generation and sales results. 

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications develops online video marketing assets that are aimed directly at the ear of a target audience. In this case, a video entitled "Aim Higher" was meant to appeal mainly to government audiences at event marketing venues. This product launch was part of a marketing campaign that branded Right Hemisphere as a software leader and successfully launched their offering to the world of government sales. The key to selling technology is to aim benefits at decision-makers in a way that is both appealing and appropriate in technological detail. This online video appealed to government decision-makers better by delivering a solid message behind dynamic, action packed visual support—it just felt right for military customers. In addition, actual CAD modeling files of the software in action on government aircraft were integrated into the creative direction of this marketing asset while additional visual support was added with custom 3d animation and motion graphics. 


This online video deftly communicated to government decision-makers that Right Hemisphere had a better understanding of their challenges.  This marketing asset was initially rolled out as part of a trade show marketing effort as a live marketing presentation, but later used post event as an online product video. Winner 1st Place Telly Award