Product Launch at Trade Shows: A Game Changer


High tech companies always have something new to unveil--watch how to build both brand awareness and drive a product launch at trade shows.   

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications as a creative agency has produced literally hundreds of trade shows and trade show presentations for high technology clients. The goal of live marketing trade show presentations is to attract as many qualified prospects as possible in as short of a time as possible and tell an entertaining story that creates customer engagement as quickly as possible.  A great example of this proven trade show sales and marketing tool is this tongue-in-cheek TV parody for Bentley Systems. "The Game is Changing" used kitschy TV game show clips from the last 4 decades and drew creative parallels in an 8 minute live marketing presentation on how job demands of today are clearly not what they used to be and launched their product with a splash heard ‘round the convention center. Objective #1: Owning the show.


This trade show marketing effort achieved the VP of Marketing's main objective—to OWN the show. It received SRO audiences, press, mindshare—and most importantly, outperformed projections on lead generation and pre-release sales. Bentley and articulate successfully collaborated on a multitude of experiential events for 6 years in which time, Bentley Systems grew to become one of the largest privately held software company in the world with revenues growing from $18 to over $200 million.