THINKing of Branding BIG: Just Make a Movie


Learn how a random comment in a brainstorming session was the creative seed for this unique film-based branding campaign, product launch and inspiration for a corporate movie that made you “THINK.” 

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications agency has helped high tech companies for over 15 years in the development of creative marketing assets that are uniquely appealing to customers. In this software launch campaign, Bentley Systems was looking for an innovative means of attracting attention and branding its name in a BIG way at a national trade show—but, also wanted to create a first-rate creative marketing asset for aftermarket use.  In the brainstorming session that led into the creation of “THINK,” then VP of Marketing offhandedly remarked, “I’d like this product launch to be like a movie premier.”  Well, why not create a movie and the premier? Which is exactly what was done—a totally believable and fully scripted film short produced in 16mm at architectural offices in Chicago. In addition, the creative communications on-site strategy included offering VIP tickets to an offsite premier of “THINK.” This innovate 16mm film creatively communicated the benefits of Bentley's advanced architectural software suite of applications by creating a movie that struck a familiar chord with architects in high stress work environments. 


Disguised as an art film for a mythical Independent Film Festival, this movie became the cornerstone for their successful product launch at a series of live events throughout the world.  It was a finalist in the Cannes film festival in the industrial film category—but more importantly created the promotional launching pad for what is still a vibrant suite of architectural software solutions.