Video Testimonials Promote Brand Essence at Events


Video testimonials for events don’t have to be boring and they are one of the best ways to communicate your Brand Essence believably and powerfully.

Elements Delivered

articulate Creative Communications agency has conceived, developed and produced literally hundreds of video testimonials for companies around the world. Video testimonials can be produced to be both visually compelling and are a great way to communicate a company’s brand essence. Testimonials don't have to look the same with a person sitting in their office staring glassy-eyed into the lens. Even camera shy executives can look great with a creative digital design shot with unique camera angles and good lighting. Like so many of our clients, the ultimate customer for this event was a high technology client—therefore the post production approach reflected a high tech look and feel that was both consistent with their technology and brand essence.  


Video testimonials always deliver the goods when it comes to adding efficacy to any marketing message because there is nothing as powerful as a word of mouth. For this corporate event, high profile end-users agreed to be filmed telling the many benefits of our client’s software and brand. Over 15 of these were filmed to add framework to the executive speakers’ introductions at an international corporate event.